Welcome to year 4 with Mrs Burgess

We are very proud of our writing and reading areas.

They have been enhancing children's enjoyment of English.

In geography we are looking at the location of Liverpool and why it is a great city. We found out that 484,578 people live here now compared to only 2000 people in 1600!

In Maths children were trying to create as many different shapes made with 5 squares put together as possible. They successfully created 11 out of 12. Then we found that they all had a perimeter of 12 apart from one which had a perimeter of 10!


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Look how much we enjoyed dressing up for world book day. We were inspired to use our characters to create and write our own books!


 Weekly: Please log into abacus to continue working through maths activities and ttrockstars to practice times tables (links below)

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