Welcome to year 4

Miss Pinkess and Mrs Campbell

In geography we are looking at the location of Liverpool and why it is a great city. We found out that 484,578 people live here now compared to only 2000 people in 1600!

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Year 4 News

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Don't forget this Spring term year 4 are swimming every Tuesday! 

Swimming costumes, hats and towels must be brought each week. 

Hats can be purchased at the swimming baths for £5 and goggles £5

In Maths we created our own four digit numbers with digit cards and had to show the value of each digits.

  This Spring term we have begun reading 'The Prince the Cook and the Cunning King' by Terry Deary

for inspiration and ideas on how to write stories with historical settings

Now we have learnt the moves of all the pieces in chess we are beginning to play some very tactical games

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Monday: English and Maths given out and to be returned by Friday


Monday: Spelling test day


Weekly: Please log into abacus to continue working through maths activities and ttrockstars to practice times tables (links below)

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