The Curriculum 

Our curriculum is 'VALUES' led and it is strongly focused on SMSC and Gospel Values, which we believe encompass and go beyond British Values contained within the Prevent Duty.


BRITISH VALUES: are important to our learning because we belong to a community just like Jesus. 

DEMOCRACY: As pupils of KSL, our opinions are valued, listened to and represented.  Our democratically elected school councillors ensures that pupil views are acted upon to further improve our school community, lessons and environment. Pupil voice panels, forums and questionaires are used to gather opinions when key decisions are made in school.

RULE OF LAW: At KSL we understand why rules of law are important.  We know we will encounter rules of law throughout our entire lives.  We appreciate that they are there to protect us and create harmony.  Our teachers have welcomed people from our community to bring law to life and to speak with us.  GOSPEL VALUES guide us in understanding truth and justice.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY: At KSL we are taught to value our personal freedom and are encouraged to make the right choices.  Lessons, activities, clubs and responsibilities enable us to explore our interests further within a safe and positive learning environment.  E-Safety and Social Media workshops are organised to keep us safe.

MUTUAL RESPECT: At KSL everyone shows mutual respect and courtesy towards each other.  As pupils we relish the opportunities to demonstrate our respect for others through our work through our work together as part of our parish and school.

TOLERANCE: At KSL the teaching of the Gospel values and distinctive Church of England faith teaches us to welcome, respect and embrace diversity and difference.  We learn about and respect other cultures and beliefs in lessons, assemblies and through visits.



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