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Meet the Team

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Our staff use our Christian values to act as role models for our children. They use our Vision to drive everything that we do:


Head Teacher (Whole school/Curriculum Team Lead/Safeguarding team) 

Mrs J. Campbell

Deputy Head Teacher (Safeguarding leader/RE & Collective Worship/Pupil Progress lead/ECT mentor) 

Mrs J. Pollitt

Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion & SEND/EAL/Safeguarding team) 

Mrs E. Cottom

Senior Teacher (EYFS Leader/ English team leader /Nursery Teacher] 

Miss F McArdle 

Senior Teacher  


Senior Teacher (Key Stage One leader/Writing leader/Maths leader/Sheppard class teacher)  

Mrs A. Murt 


Teacher (Music leader/PHSE leader/ Duncan class teacher) Miss L Higginson

Teacher (History leader/ Woodbine class teacher) Miss H. Williams

Teacher (Art & Design/Display leader) Mrs B Hetherington

Teacher (PE leader/Computing leader/ Quilliam class teacher) Miss E Kealey

Teacher (Geography leader/ phonics leader/Walker class teacher) Mrs N Islam

Teacher (Design Technology leader/Chavasse class teacher) Mrs P England

Teacher (Science leader/ Hewitt class teacher)  Mrs H Burgess

Teacher (ECT/Archer class teacher)Miss R McNeill

Teacher (Braddock class teacher) - Miss L Carne

Teacher (Year 3 / Year 4 teacher) - Ms J Hannah

*Music/MFL/PE teachers and coaches through professional services/Liverpool 



Administration & Finance Manager Mrs S. Griffiths

Administration Officer Mrs N Hart

Attendance & Welfare Officer and Pastoral Team Miss S Ashton

School Chaplain Rev G Hoy


Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs N Hughes

Learning Support Assistant L3/Nursery Nurse Mrs S Hughes

Learning Support Assistant L3/Nursery Nurse Miss D Foster

Learning Support Assistant L3/Nursery Nurse Miss M Stasik

Learning Support Assistant L3/Nursery Nurse Mrs J Rogers

Learning Support Assistant Mrs B Kenny

Learning Support Assistant Mrs J. Carson 

Learning Support Assistant Mrs S Sears

Learning Support Assistant Miss R Enriquez Murphy

Learning Support Assistant Ms V Gayakaya

Learning Support Assistant Mrs K Molloy

Learning Support Assistant Miss D Nagy


Breakfast Club Learning Support Assistant Mrs P McCarty


Lunchtime Support Assistant Mrs E Wilkes

Lunchtime  Support Assistant Mrs C Barton

Lunchtime Support Assistant Mrs L Jones

Lunchtime Support Assistant Mrs T Ahmad


Site Manager Mr I Saunderson

Cleaner  Mrs J Driscoll

Cleaner Mrs K Reid

Cleaner Mrs V Byrne

Cleaner Ms D. Jackson