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Governing Body


School governors are one of the largest volunteer groups in the country, with around 345,000 school governors contributing to the strategic development and raising standards of achievement at over 30,000 schools across England.  Being a serving governor in a Church school is for many, an expression of their  own Christian discipleship and service.

Governors in Church schools have a responsibility for:

  • Ensuring clarity of Christian vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the headteacher to account for staff performance management and the school’s educational outcomes
  • Making sure money is well spent

School governors are members of their school's governing body which is a "corporate body".  A corporate body has a legal identity that is separate from its members and as a result, individual governors are generally protected from personal liability as a result of the governing body's decisions and actions, provided they act honestly, reasonably and in good faith,


Individual governors have no power or right to act on behalf of the governing body except where the whole governing body has delegated a specific function to that individual or where regulations specify that a function is to be exercised in a particular way.

 School governors are drawn from different parts of the community, such as parish, parents, the diocese, the local authority, staff and the community.   

This helps to ensure that the governing body has sufficient diversity of views and experience but does not mean that governors of a particular category "represent" that group on the governing body.  For example, Parent Governors do not act as a representative of the parents at the school and do not report back to them.  

 The governing body has discretion as to how to discharge its responsibilities but is required to constitute itself in line with the trust deed and regulations, and to appoint a chair and vice chair.  The governing body may delegate to certain governors or committees of governors, although in general, it is not compelled to do so.


Our Governors

Rev. Capt. M Griffin Chair - Foundation  September 2018 - September 2022 Yes Governor at a Liverpool Church Secondary School : Archbishop Blanch CE VA High School
Mr W Barrow   Vice Chair - Foundation  April 2019 - April 2023 Yes Governor at a Liverpool Community Primary School: Four Oaks Primary School
Miss H Marsden Foundation /Community September 2018 - September 2022 Yes


Vacancy Foundation 
Vacancy Foundation
Vacancy Foundation
Miss A Newton Local Authority - nominated by LA and appointed by GB October 2021 - October 2025 Yes None
Mr I Saunderson Staff - Elected by staff February 2019 - February 2023 Yes None
Mrs B Irwin Parent - Elected by parents   December 2019- December 2023 Yes None
Vacancy Parent
Mrs J Forshaw Head - appointed by Governors May 2006 - Ongoing Yes None


 Personal, Business and Pecuniary Interests Register

All the governors of Kirkdale Saint Lawrence Church of England Primary School listed above have declared the register of Personal, Business and Pecuniary Interests.

  • This is a declaration of any personal or business interest that they or any relative or person closely connected with them have with businesses or other organisations that may have dealings with the school.  This could for example include owning or having a relative work for a business that had dealings with school; having a relative working in or for schools or being a governor of another school.
  • If any interest a governor has, could be seen to cause a conflict of interest they would be asked to withdraw from any decision making concerned.  This is to ensure that our governors can always be seen to be putting the interest of the school first.
  • If there is a potential conflict it will be shown in the register above.









Rev. Capt. M Griffin Yes Yes Yes
Mr W Barrow  Yes Yes Yes
Miss H Marsden Yes Apologies Yes
Miss A Newton Yes Yes Apologies
Mr I Saunderson Yes Yes Yes
Mrs B Irwin Yes Yes Apologies
Mrs J Forshaw Yes Yes Yes
Vacancy  - - -
Vacancy  - - -
Vacancy  - - -
Vacancy  - - -



Resources management: personnel [HR], Premises and Buildings, Health & Safety

Sub-committees: HT Appraisal 2021-2022

Pay Review Staff: 2021


Curriculum and Standards: Church ethos, Pupil Welfare, Inclusion, Curriculum, Progress and Standards

Sub-committee: School Improvement Working Party [informal]



Staff Appeals and Dismissal: grievance, discipline, capability, sickness and absence, staff review

At least three governors [excluding the Head Teacher] to be drawn from a panel of available members of the Governing Body. 



Complaints: Curriculum, SEND and general complaints

At least three governors [excluding the Head Teacher] to be drawn from a panel of available members of the Governing Body. 


Pupil Discipline: exclusions and general discipline

At least three governors [excluding the Head Teacher] to be drawn from a panel of available members of the Governing Body. 


Admissions Committee: school admission 

 At least three governors [excluding the Head Teacher] to be drawn from a panel of available members of the Governing Body. 

*Where possible a parent governor will attend - subject to availability.