To help in supporting your child's mental health during the summer click the link below to find a pack that can be completed during the summer.

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18th-24th May

Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from the 18th-24th May. The theme is KINDNESS

This video that will help you understand and be more aware of mental health.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCrjevx3-Js

When you are kind to someone it feels really good because you are passing on how you feel to someone else. This week show how kindness can transform your experience of everyday life.


Sharing the power of kindness is at the root to being a good person and is an important Christian Value that we strive to achieve in all that we do in Kirkdale St Lawrence.

The act of giving and kindness is also one of the key steps to mental well being and is something that we are all capable of achieving on a daily basis.

Here are some activities for you to do through the week and remember- kindness costs nothing!








Lockdown Tips for Parents to promote GOOD mental health

No one expects parents to act as teachers, or to provide the activities and feedback that a school would.

Parents and carers should do their best to help children and support their learning. 


Structuring the day 

Do not worry about trying to maintain a full routine for your child like they had at school. But children will feel more comfortable and learn better with a predictable routine to the day, even if this is difficult. But generally, you should try to make sure that your child: 

  • gets up and goes to bed at the same time each day 
  • has regular meal times 
  • has regular breaks 
  • makes time to be active - children are used to regular play at lunch and break times.


Using digital devices 

If your child's work is being done on a digital device such as a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone make sure you set age-appropriate parental controls on any devices your child is using and supervise their use of websites and apps on keeping them safe online and talk to your child about online safety. 


Reducing screen time 

Digital devices are not the only way to learn. Manage screen time with a timer and break up screen time by getting your child to: 

  • use printed materials that school has provided or that you have at home. 
  • write by hand – try asking them to complete work by hand, write a diary, a summary of things they have learned or done each day or ‘to do’ lists. Be active and get away from the screen regularly.
  • stop using digital devices at least an hour before bed. 

Useful links for parents and carers




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Our commitment to keeping our children safe, and providing the best possible environment in which  every child is cared for and able to learn and grow, underpins all our teaching and learning.

Part of this commitment includes ensuring that we actively nurture our children's physical and mental health.


The R.O.A.R response to mental health in primary schools is Liverpool's initiative to support children's mental health.

Recognise the signs and symptoms

Ask Open questions [try to find the BIG thought]

Access support, services and self-care

Build Resilience


Healthy Living

At Kirkdale, St. Lawrence CE VA Primary School we aim to care for and develop the whole child educationally, emotionally, spiritually, morally and physically.  As well as caring for their education we also care for their mental health and well-being and we feel that it is essential to provide children with information to enable them to make life long, well informed decisions about their diet and health.