Welcome to Year 1


 Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from the 18th-24th May. The theme is KINDNESS

Click the link for some activities for you and your family.

Mrs England, Mrs Hetherington and Miss Foster would like to welcome you to Year 1's webpage.  We hope that you are all being good for the people that love you at home and have been learning lots of new things to share with us when we get back to school. Please take some photographs of the exciting things you have been doing at home and send them to Mrs England on Twitter she would love to share them with everyone. 

We will be updating this page and Twitter regularly to give you lots of ideas on keeping busy. Also check in to Purple Mash where there are lots of jobs allocated to each of you. 

Stay safe.

Geography Summer term

This final term in Geography we should be learning about different habitats, places that animals live. In weeks 7 and 8 we will be moving to Africa and finding out about where the African elephants live. Start by thinking about the different animals we have already studied, Which was the biggest and smallest? Where did they live. Find Namibia on a map of the world. Then look at the physical map of Namibia and talk about what the different colours represent find out as much as you can about the physical geography of Namibia- Physical Map . 

Mathematics Week beginning 6.7.20

This week I would like you to continue to work on telling the time. Make sure you know the hour, half past and if you are really confident with these begin to look at quarter past and quarter to.  Teaching Clock

English Week beginning 6.7.20

This week I would love a huge focus on basic skills. You can be creative and write a story or a letter making sure you use our school handwriting as neat as possible. Use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. If you need some ideas for writing have a look at Pobble 365 website, there are lots of beautiful pictures with story starters and activities.



I would love you to share some of your work on our Purple Mash blog.

I have created a Year 1 blog on Purple Mash.

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Key Information

Regularly check Purple Mash for home learning tasks.





Reading should be completed each night. 

Spelling homework will go out on a Thursday for a test the following Tuesday.

Maths and English homework will go out on a Thursday and due in the following Thursday.

Please attempt the home work during the week with your child so if they don't understand they will have the opportunity to bring it back into school for help.

Useful Websites

Geography sites

Emperor Penguin video


Penguin huddle


 Hundred square

Helicopter rescue game

Parents and carers, please note that all websites have been checked and deemed appropriate for use by pupils at the time of publishing. However, please be aware that some websites may change their content from time to time. 

First News Weekly Newspaper

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26th June - 2nd July

Comprehension activity to complete

Level 1 - Four Stories