Welcome to Year 3

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This is our final week before the summer holidays so keep up the good work and continue working hard to complete some activities each day. It has been lovely to see some of your work and hear from you. Don't forget it is also vital that that you have learnt your 2,10,5,3,4 and 8 times tables (including knowing the inverse operation / division) before moving into year 4. 

I hope you and your families are safe and well and I would love to hear from you on Twitter or our Purple Mash Blog. 

Good luck and enjoy home school learning. I hope to see you all very soon. Mrs Burgess

Update 13/7/20 

Complete some maths revision at the start of this week and then try the end of year tests towards the end of the week. Ensure you try the correct test for your ability (lower or standard paper).

 Maths answer booklet.pdfDownload
 maths revision booklet.pdfDownload
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End of year maths tests

 summer arithmetic test (lower paper).pdfDownload
 summer arithmetic test.pdfDownload
 summer problem solving and reasoning test (lower paper).pdfDownload
 summer problem solving and reasoning test.pdfDownload
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English (13/7/20)

Also complete reading the final chapter 7 of Beth and the Nile by logging into purple mash, then test your knowledge by answering the online brain busting questions. 


(6/7/2020) maths activities

 Monday - measure mass.pdfDownload
 Thursday - Measure capacity.pdfDownload
 Tuesday - Compaire mass.pdfDownload
 Wednesday - Add and subtract Mass.pdfDownload
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English (6/7/2020)

This week for English we will be doing activities based on the book: The Egyptian Cinderella. Before reading this story: Can you predict what it will be about just from the title and the cover of the book?

Once you have made your prediction either read the story below or listen to it being read on this video link:


Now that you have either read or heard the story try these activities throughout the week to practice your English skills:

 Comparisons of Egpytian story to the original.docxDownload
 identify examples of word classes.docxDownload
 Past and Present tense.docxDownload
 Speech punctuation.docxDownload
 Vocabulary extension.docxDownload
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Also continue reading chapter 6 of Beth and the Nile by logging into purple mash, then test your knowledge by answering the online brain busting questions. 


History: The River Nile

Find out why the River Nile was so important for the Egyptians. Then complete the bubble map diagram of your research (document below)

 Geography Rive Nile Worksheet-57686_unused.pdfDownload
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Update 29/6/20 



Continue reading chapter 5 of Beth and the Nile by logging into purple mash, then test your knowledge by answering the online brain busting questions. 


Maths (29/6/20)

Watch these videos to help your learning before trying the activities below: 

Monday - right angles in shapes https://vimeo.com/430336748 

Tuesday - comparing angles https://vimeo.com/430336836

Wednesday - horizontal and vertical lines https://vimeo.com/430336963

Thursday - parallel and perpendicular https://vimeo.com/430337089

Friday - magic triangle challenge https://youtu.be/y-83VJ8qWF4 

 Friday - Magic Triangle.pdfDownload
 Monday - right angles in shapes.pdfDownload
 Thursday -Parallel-and-perpendicular.pdfDownload
 Tuesday - comparing angles.pdfDownload
 Wednesday - horizontal and vertial lines.pdfDownload
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Ancient Egyptian topic (29/6/20)

This week I would like you to investigate each of the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses the powerpoint and websites below, and books you might have too. 

Watch this video to learn about the different gods...

Next, choose your favourite or the most interesting god or goddess and complete a fact file based on what you have learnt about them. I have added a fact file template below for you to copy or download. Remember to write in full sentences, neat handwriting and accurate punctuation too!

Now read this passage through carefully and answer the questions in full sentences:

Once you have completed your research on each of the gods and goddesses. You might want to create your own set of top trumps cards with the correct information for each god on. When all cards have been completed put together, shuffle and then play the game! (instructions for how to play are on the last slide of the powerpoint I've added below

 top trump cards.pdfDownload
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Update 22/6/20 


As we focused last week on learning our 3, 4 and 8 times table...this week we will practice solving written multiplication and division calculations. To remind yourselves of how to do these calculations watch : https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/arith-review-multiply-divide/arith-review-multi-digit-mult/v/3-digit-times-1-digit-example

 Division using written method.pdfDownload
 short division.pdfDownload
 short multiplication.pdfDownload
 word problems.pdfDownload
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Continue readinchapter 4 of Beth and the Nile by logging into purple mash, then test your knowledge by answering the online brain busting questions. 


Writing task: 

Once you have learnt about the daily life of Egyptians, write a diary as if you are an Egyptian. Don't forget to check all the features of a diary have been included in your writing (look below).

Ancient Egyptian topic (22/6/20)

This week we will look at the daily life of the Egyptians. What do the pictures below show us about how life was like?

Watch this video clip: 



- Draw a plan of an Egyptian house. Label each room, write about which activity and objects you would find there.

- Compare the daily diet of an Egyptian with ours by recording all the food you eat over a couple of days in a table. Then compare it to an Egyptian's diet. Which is healthier? How could we eat more healthy?

- Make a leaflet for the museum in Turin - look at features for leaflets. What exhibits would it have on the Egyptians?

- Look at the way the Egyptians dressed - compare this with fashion today by drawing and labelling an Ancient Egyptian and a modern pop star.

Read through the information above and then try and answer these quiz questions on daily life of Egyptians.

Update 15/6/20


This week focuses on multiplication and division using the 3, 4 and 8 times table facts.

Multiplication and division by 3, 4, and 8

 Dividing by 3 worksheet.pdfDownload
 Dividing by 4 worksheet.pdfDownload
 Dividing by 8 worksheet.pdfDownload
 multiply be 4 worksheet.pdfDownload
 Multiplying by 3 worksheet.pdfDownload
 Multiplying by 8 worksheet.pdfDownload
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Update 15/6/20


Log into purple mash to read the next chapter of Beth and the Nile, then test your knowledge by answering the online brain busting questions. 


As this week we are continuing researching our Egyptian topic focusing on mummification! Log on to activelearnprimary to read these two thrilling books on Mummies!


Writing task: 

Once you have learnt about how mummies are made from the topic work below try writing instructions of your own to show how they are made. 

Don't forget instruction features - here is a checklist of what you should include in your writing: 

(15/6/20)  Ancient Egyptian Topic:

Watch this video clip about the embalming process:

Now try this mummification game to have ago yourself:

Also- why not try wrapping a toy as if it were a mummy!

This youtube clip has great instructions for making your own sarcophagus and mummy too. Please share any creations you make on our class twitter page.

Or design your own sarcophagus:

Can you find out what what these canopic jars are used for? What did each of them hold inside?


Update 8/6/20


This week is focused on fractions.  Try each of these activities below and then test yourself at the end of the week.

 add and subtract fractions.pdfDownload
 Comparing fractions.pdfDownload
 counting in fractions on number line.pdfDownload
 fractions of amounts.pdfDownload
 fractions test.pdfDownload
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The activities below are to practice identifying and using different fronted adverbials with a comma at the beginning of sentences. 

Then once you have researched more about Egyptians and Howard Carter you should try writing as diary entry as if you have discovered an ancient tomb of your own.

 Add a comma after fronted adverbials.pdfDownload
 Add the fronted adverbials.pdfDownload
 Colour or underline fronted adverbials.pdfDownload
 Diary Entry as if Howard Carter.pdfDownload
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  Ancient Egyptian Topic:

Update (8/6/20)

This week we our focus is about the British archaeologist Howard Carter who found Tutankhamun's tomb. 

  • Read the comprehension document below and answer the questions. 
  • Take a look at these photos of primary sources, then think about what they can tell us about Ancient Egypt.
 Sources of Evidence - PowerPoint.pptDownload
 What sources have told us.pdfDownload
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  • Make and design your own Egyptian mask   
  • Can you build a pyramid? - either build one of your own out of resources you have at home . Perhaps look at the 3D net of a pyramid below to help you with the construction. Or play this virtual game: 


  • Why not try this pyramid game to learn more about the three main pyramids built:




Ancient Egyptians topic research: 

  • Visit the British Museum's Ancient Egypt web page to start your research 
  • Log into your acitvelearnprimary account to begin reading the exciting book: 'Lost in Egypt' where Joel must learn all he can about ancient Egypt to help his uncle. The only question is - will Joel solve the puzzle before it's too late?


  • Can you try and use these hieroglyphics (Ancient Egyptian letters) to write your own words/sentence? Try posting your work on our school twitter or class page. 

Mrs Burgess has wrote this message in hieroglyphics.

Can you solve what it says?

week 4 - multiplication and division

 multiplication_and_division test.pdfDownload
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 Week 3 maths.zipDownload
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Key Information:

Thank you for all your hard work, learning together at home. Each week tasks will be uploaded onto this page which you can download or use as a guide to work on but don't forget to continue with online work set on:

Any issues with logging in or passwords to get onto these sites; please email school and we will try and help as soon as possible. 


Children should be reading a new book each week. Activities for reading are also set online on Active Learn for your child to complete.

Spellings (13/7/20)

This week I have compiled activities on spelling grammar and punctuation:

Times tables

Remember by the end of year 3 children are expected to have learnt their: 2,10,5,3,4 and 8 times tables.

Times Table Rockstars


First News Weekly Newspaper

Read our weekly newspaper here 

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