Welcome to Year 6

Good Bye and Good Luck

 It's so hard to believe that it is the last week of school, usually this week we are rushing round checking on costumes, making sure that all lines are learned and that the boys are smiling as they dance (sorry boys but it's true!). We would have been discussing outfits for the party and what colour sharpie is going to be used to sign shirts. But this year is different, it'll be virtual goodbyes, no hugs, no water fights and maybe this year I won't even cry ... well maybe not as even writing this is making me feel sad to see you go.

Just because we can't say goodbye to each of you individually and in the usual manner it does not mean that we are sending you off to your high school without our very good wishes. For a lot of you, Kirkdale St Lawrence has been a huge part of your families' life for 7 or even 8 years. We remember many of you coming in to nursery as 3 year olds ready to investigate the world and we are proud as a school to send you off to high school as prepared as you can be to take on the new challenges you will face.

As a school we are incredibly proud of the people you have become, your academic success and your ability to reach your full potential. Who knows what you will become in the future but please make sure that we, at KSL, share in all of your news. 



Glad to be back!

Welcome back to some of our year 6 pupils - it is great to see some familiar faces!

For those of you who have not joined us back in school, we are doing some interesting work on World War 2. We have started to read 'Letters From The Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll which is a novel centered around a London family and their struggles with loss and life altering changes since during the war with a little mystery to keep you hooked. See the picture below for the front cover - perhaps you could download or buy it to read with us. 

As part of our work surrounding this text, we will be creating a scrapbook based on WW2. Have a go of creating one at home and tweet your work @KSL_Kirkdale.

You could research:

  • Countries involved in WW2
  • Life as a civilian in WW2
  • Rationing
  • Evacuation 

Update 18/5/20

Hi Year 6,

We hope you are all well - it has been so long since we have all been together in class and we miss teaching you. This week would have been a bit different in school as it would be the week after SATs and all that you had worked so hard towards would have been finished and the countdown to Secondary School would begin with lots more learning and character building - hopefully we will all be together again soon and we can get ready for your transition into the next chapter of your school careers. 

While you have been at home I'm sure many of you have found yourselves worried, happy, bored, excited and a whole host of other emotions about not being in school and spending all this extra time with your family. With that in mind, this week in Mental Health Awareness Week something that we take very seriously at KSL. The theme for this year is 'kindness' which is very fitting at the moment with lots of people showing random acts of kindness to neighbours, family members and many more. Have a look at the Well-being page under 'Life in our School' for lots of activities (there is also a link on our class page) there you will find activities to do at home with your family. Also, look at the websites below for some ideas for you and your family.



Take care, stay safe and remember to be kind.



Update - WB 4/5/20

Hello Year 6,

How are you all doing? We hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather and getting some exercise in the sunshine. 

Again, well done to all of you who have been working hard at home and completing the tasks that have been set for you. Please continue to access work on ActiveLearn, PurpleMash and TT Rockstars. Also our class blog is still active on PurpleMash - post on there if you have any interesting news to share with Mrs Pollitt and I, or with your friends. 

Friday marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day ( Victory in Europe) the end of World War Two. Mrs Islam has put some interesting activities and information on the school website history page. Have a look with your family and tweet any activities you do to our school Twitter page. 

Our French teacher Gaëlle has emailed over some fun French activities that have been posted on School Improvement Liverpool Twitter (their Twitter handle is  MfLSil - follow them for fun activities you can do with your family at home). I will post the content of the tweets below for you to see. 

Here are some links to websites for French games: 

French numbers





French days



French Language Links



Take care and stay safe. 

Update - WB 20/4/20

Hi Year 6,

We hope you have had a nice Easter break, not eaten too much chocolate (like us) and are staying safe at home. 

Well done to all of you who have been working hard and to the parents and carers who have been helping you! We have been checking all of the online learning platforms that you should be using and we have noticed that some haven't been accessed as much as they should - please remember to log on and have a go of the activities that have been set for you. 

You should, by now, have completed the writing and maths lessons provided for you on your timetable - which was inside your learning pack. We would now like for you to access English and maths lessons on: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zncsscw/year-6-lessons/1. There are some interesting activities for you to complete and you can also look at the other subjects on there too. 

We have set up a blog on Purple Mash for you to update us on what you have been doing - let us know if you've learnt any new skills or enjoyed any activities at home, it might give your friends ideas on what they could be doing at home. 

We will post some worksheets on here for you to do as well as the activities on ActiveLearn, TT Rockstars and Purple Mash. Remember to read everyday and get some exercise. 

Take care and stay safe. 




Please continue with the activities set for you for English - in addition to the Active Learn grammar and punctuation tasks you might find this work fun, check out: 


This is a daily writing task led by Jane Considine who developed the writing rainbow we have in the classroom. Mrs Pollitt put this on the website the other week - how many of you have enjoyed these writing tasks?


Here are some maths worksheets for you to try. We have also allocated new games and interactive activities for statistics on ActiveLearn.

We hope you enjoyed our message!

Take care, stay safe and hopefully we will see each other very soon. 

So year 6, everything is different - you're not in school, there are no SATs and you have those who care for you as your teachers. BUT, there are some things that haven't changed: you will still go to secondary school in September, you do still have to make progress and


Both of us check on your Purple Mash, Active Learn and TTRockstar logins to see how much work you have accessed and completed.

You need to prove to yourself that you can be self-motivated and can be responsible for your own learning; that means logging into your accounts daily and completing the tasks we have set for you. Get those looking after you to tweet pictures of you completing your work and we will share it

In addition to the Active Learn grammar and punctuation tasks you might find this work fun, check out: 


This is a daily writing task led by Jane Considine who developed the writing rainbow we have in the classroom.

We want you to be the best you can be when you return to school so keep learning and busy.

Please follow our class twitter page https://twitter.com/mrs_pollitt

Year 6 is jam-packed with hard work - particularly preparing you for your move to secondary school but it is our aim to make you learn and laugh at the same time. We know that children learn more when they are content and confident in school and as a result we teach in small focussed groups each morning helping children to learn in a non-threatening atmosphere.

As the year progresses you will hear SATs being mentioned more often; this is children's opportunity to show how much they have learned (and remembered) from their time in our school. We focus on progress and being the best you can be - children are special to us they are not simply data by which we are measured.

Key Information

PE Monday and Friday - your child needs a PE kit including appropriate footwear (pumps or trainers). 


Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from the 18th-24th May. The theme is KINDNESS

Click the link for some activities for you and your family.




Reading should be completed each night. 

Spelling homework schedule is sent out at the start of each half term, these spelling should be practised regularly. Children are tested on spellings each Friday.

Maths and English homework will go out on a Monday and due in by Friday of the same week.

Please attempt the home work during the week with your child so if they don't understand they will have the opportunity to bring it back into school for help.

Useful Websites

The following website has interesting videos, games and quizzes for all areas of the curriculum -



First News Weekly Newspaper

Read our weekly newspaper here 


Comprehension activity to complete

Level 3 - Animal and Science News

Parents and carers, please note that all websites have been checked and deemed appropriate for use by pupils at the time of publishing. However, please be aware that some websites may change their content from time to time.