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Library Life

The adventure begins ...

Our library is a very special place.  We all move through our school using the spaces, classrooms, hall and grounds but it is only in our library where children of every age-group come to share their thoughts and ideas on books, to recommend, support, to chat, make new friends, to help each other.  In our library we are also able to challenge, broaden and expand the children's reading choices, supporting you and the work of their teachers in developoing each child's reading ability.

Our Library Ethos

These are our children's guidelines by which we live in our library.

  • Everyone is welcome here
  • Remember the library is a peaceful place
  • Use soft and quiet voices
  • Respect and care for our books and surroundings
  • Come here to study, read, relax and reflect 
  • Share this place with others quietly and calmly 
  • Always set a good example for others to follow


Book of the Month April - May 2019

For ages 9-12 years: Alex Rider: Secret Weapon by Anthony Horowitz

For ages 5-8 years: My Little Book of Big Questions by Britta Teckentrup


Opening Times

The library is opened every day and timetabled for class use.

Each class uses the library once a week for story-telling sessions or library skills.

Children can use the library for personal reading books.


Our Books

Our library is organised into sections, with contemporary and classic and picture books.  

We have recently enhanced the curriculum sections of the library with a good range of new books.

Our Library and our reading scheme books

The children start our reading scheme in the foundation stage and progress at an individual pace.  Teachers will decide when the children are ready to try early chapter books from the library or class library.  Once the children are confident in reading these they will receive a challenge from their teacher. This may be in the form of an 'author challenge'  where a number of books by the same author will be read and reviewed, each teacher will decide on their own challenges.


The Kirkdale St Lawrence Author Challenge

 Trying new authors is a fantastic way to widen and improve your reading.

It is difficult to decide which author to try and because of this we have put together lists.

Each teacher may have other authors they will suggest to tie into a current curriculum area.

The author challenge should start with the 'Key Author Challenge List' and when you are ready to

move on, take on the 'Advanced Author Challenge List'.


There are some fantastic books in the list and we would love to hear of any new books

that you think should be added to the list.

Happy Reading!


Trying new authors is one way of becoming a better reader!

We have chosen a number of well-known and classic authors.

The Challenge

  • Discuss with your teacher how many authors you should try and then read one or two titles for each author.
  • As you finish each book, write the author and titles in your English book and give a mark out of 10!
  • Make sure you show your teacher your book.
  • As you go along the challenge, you will write 5 book reviews of your best reads.
  • The book reviews will be written in your English book.
  • You will find all the Key Author Challenge books in the library.
  • Once you have completed this challenge you can choose books from the library that are your own choice