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Geography at Kirkdale St. Lawrence


Please click on the links below to read the statutory guidance for Geography and our school's long term plan to cover the objectives. If you require a paper copy of these documents, please ask at the school office.

Geography National Curriculum

KSL Geography Long Term Plan

Our Vision

In our school, our vision is to provide children a  Geography curriculum which aims to develop their curiosity about places from the local area to the wider world. Lessons equip children with an enjoyment of knowledge and deep understanding of human and physical features, processes and interconnections. The curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop the key geographical skills of identifying, describing, explaining, comparing and evaluating.

Equality,  diversity   & Inclusion.



What is Earth Day?


Earth Day is April 22nd of every year.

The above link (in the picture above) takes you to some background information about Earth Day. You could put together a non-chronological report, PowerPoint or poster.
Write a script to interview Greta Thunberg, asking her why she has campaigned about climate change. You could then record yourself asking the questions to a member of your family and upload the video to your blog. Click on the picture to visit CBBC Newsround.
  Climate change and wildlife
Research the impact of climate change on wildlife. If you click on the link at the bottom of this page it takes you to a conservation magazine with lots of information.
   Make a movie
Create your own stop-motion animation about climate change. Add voices and sound effects and then upload it.
  Plant and grow
Plant some seeds and look after them until they grow. Use what you have grown to make a meal. Consider the impact of using your homegrown produce on the environment. How does this help?
   Wild art
Younger children might want to celebrate earth day by creating some wild art using things found in your garden or whilst you are out for your daily exercise. Take a photograph and share it on your class blog.
   Get baking!
Bake a cake to celebrate Earth Day. Find out where all of the ingredients come from and what impact this has on the environment.
   Be a journalist
Explore the impact of the recent flooding in the UK. Many people put this down to climate change. Produce your own newspaper front page with some details.
   Make a model
Make a model of the earth celebrating everything you love about our planet. Take a photograph and send it to your teacher.
  Be a poet or song writer
Write your own poem (you could even turn it into a song!) about looking after our earth. Record yourself and upload the video to your class blog.
Why don't you use some recycled packaging to grow your own plants? Take photos every few days and look at how they grow.
Explore the positive impact that lockdown has had on our environment, locally, nationally and internationally. For example, parts of India have seen the Himalayan mountain range for the first time in 125 years now the smog has lifted.