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Welcome to the ORGANISATION section of our school website.

Here you will find information about how we organise teaching and learning in KSL.  


EYFS organisation at KSL

There is one Nursery class with capacity for 26 pupils in two sessions, morning and afternoon, (56 pupil capacity in total). 

We have two Reception classes of 20 places in each.

The children’s day has a solid structure in Reception which is carefully planned to allow for extended times of self-choice learning in the morning and afternoon, with direct teaching (carpet sessions) around these. 

The self-choice learning times within sessions are allocated in the morning to ensure all the children access all the areas over the week.

They are 'unallocated' in the afternoon so that the children can return to preferred activities and repeat experiences. 

During direct teaching (carpet sessions) the children learn English, Maths, singing, phonics and to regulate their emotions.

Autumn Term One (the first weeks) are focused on establishing starting points for learning and settling the children into school life.

A full timetable begins during this first half term.


The teaching of Reading is key and begins as soon as children enter our school.


EYFS - General Information


School Lunches - Reception classes

Please click below to see the current menu choices.

Currently the school lunch costs £1.90/£2>00 a day, ££9.50 / £10.00 a week

Since February 28th 2022 we have a new catering company called Hutchinson's.

As Reception parents/carers you can apply for free school meals.

Reception children receive Universal Free School Meals from the Government, but it is important to apply for economic free school meals eligibility as this information is important for school records and helps the funding given to the school by the DFE (Department for Education).

Please note:

  • any holiday Free School Meal vouchers provided by the council or government have only been available to those families who have applied for and been approved for 'Economic Free School Meals' 
  • these voucher schemes have run during holidays but have not applied to universal free school meals.


Important:  please let the school know if your child has any dietary requirements, food allergies or intolerances.



Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club accepts children from the Reception classes.

The club is run by school staff and does not make any profit.

Places are booked by completing the application form available below and emailing to the office email.

All places must be booked in advance and all monies paid in advance using the online parent payment system.


If you require any help please contact the school office on: 0151 922 2775


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