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Welcome to our Geography page where you will find all the up-to-date information about how we deliver the subject throughout our school. 

KSL Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum stems from our school motto: “Together, with God in our heart, the path to our dreams will start.” With that in mind, we strive to continue to deliver a curriculum which prepares our pupils to grow as happy and fulfilled young people, prepared to make a positive contribution to their local community and the wider world.


EYFS Geography in action:




KS1 Geography in action:




KS2 Geography in action:





Cooking through the Continents club: 


In this after-school club taking place every Monday throughout Spring 2 Term  LKS2 children will be able to learn and explore the people and places of a continent while cooking a favourite traditional dish enjoyed by the people of that continent. We will begin by investigating a continent then immerse into the culture and cuisine of a country within it.  The children will help to design a menu consisting of a starter, main and desert. 

Week 1 - Discover cuisines from the continent of Europe - Italy





Useful Geography Websites to continue your learning at home:

Royal Geographical Society

Streams and Rapids - Primary School Geography Encyclopedia

Geography Primary Resources | National … category/geography

Geography - BBC Bitesize

 This gives good explanations of the topics covered at school, with video links, quizzes and games.

Crickweb A series of science games to help your child learn.

Planet Pals A series of games and activities about looking after our planet.