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Online Safety


Parents, in a world of a technology that seems to be changing by the minute, we all need to be fully aware as to how we can keep our children safe on-line. The links and publications found in this zone should help us all to do just that. So let us work together to keep our children safe on-line.
Digital Parenting
This is very useful and informative website with regular Digital Parenting publications that provide clear, staight forward, yet essential tips as to how you can keep up with technology and keep your children safe on-line.
One-Stop-Shop for Parents
Launched in May 2014, this website should help to answer any questions you have regarding keeping children safe on-line.
A resource that can be used with children. 
A suite of useful resources that can be used with children to work alongside them in order to keep them safe on-line. 
NSPCC Guide to Safer Internet