Kirkdale St Lawrence C of E Primary School

"Together, with God in our heart, the path to our dreams will start"

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Fonthill Road, Liverpool, Mereyside L4 1QD

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Home School Agreement
When your child joins the school we will invite you to sign this agreement with us to affirm your own enthusiastic interest in, and support for, your child’s education.

The School - The staff of the school will make every effort to:

  • Value that Kirkdale St.Lawrence is a Church of England school and foster your child’s spiritual and moral development whilst developing an understanding of all cultures and ways of life
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the needs of your child
  • Provide a safe and happy environment with help and encouragement to ensure that your child does the best that they can
  • Provide appropriate homework and inform you of your child’s progress on a regular basis
  • Provide regular information about all school activities
  • Be ready to receive the children on time and make a note of late arrivals, record every absence and follow them up
  • Encourage your child to have respect for others and their environment
  • Encourage your child to take part in extra-curricular activities
  • Handle any parent complaint thoroughly and sensitively
  • Encourage parents to play an active part in the life of the school.

The Family – As parents, guardians and carers we will try to ensure that our child (ren):

  • Accept that Kirkdale St.Lawrence is a Church of England school and value its Christian ethos and links with the Church
  • Make sure that my child gets a good night’s sleep so that he/she can arrive at school on time and ready for work
  • Send my child to school every day, unless he/she is ill, and send a note to explain any absence
  • Make sure my child has the right uniform and PE kit and any other equipment he/she might need for school
  • Support all school activities and meetings and show my child I am interested in their work
  • Make sure my child completes homework on time and returns all books back to school
  • Know that we support the school and its rules that aim to make the school a happy, safe and secure place for everyone.

The Child – As a child who attends Kirkdale St.Lawrence I will try my best to:

  • Understand that my school is a Church of England school
  • Come to school every day and on time
  • Do my best in class, listen to my teacher and finish all tasks in a reasonable time
  • Be polite and helpful and look after my school building, its books and equipment
  • Wear my uniform and remember to bring my PE kit when it is needed
  • Complete my homework and return it to school on time
  • Take any letters my teacher gives me straight home and give them to those who look after me
  • Keep my hands and feet to myself, not tease, bully or call others names.